The True Benefit Of Integrating Inbound & Outbound Marketing

The True Benefit Of Integrating Inbound & Outbound Marketing

Inbound can, however, contribute to the critical process of lead nurturing – that magical path people take from the moment they hear about you, and the moment they purchase from you. Before you start moving uneasily in your chairs – Yes, inbound can be more cost effective. While it might not be instantly apparent, inbound marketing should give you more bang for the buck over time. Content created once can continue to attract potential clients and form their sentiment toward your brand for years to come.

inbound vs outbound marketing

So instead of mass-mailing clients, for example, it would be wiser to invest in being found online for relevant keywords . Not only is it the older and better polished set of techniques, outbound marketing generates sales leads almost immediately.

SEO can be very effective at getting you noticed, although it can take a good amount of budget and patience to get results (which are not guaranteed!). We’re an automotive marketing company that helps our clients win with data-driven strategy, technology, and creative—backed by three decades of working with the best brands in the automotive industry. Through personalization and creating informative and interesting content, you can completely upgrade your business marketing. 80% of search traffic goes to the top 10% of landing pages, so you have to make sure that yours is focused to keep people reading and increase conversion levels.

Cold Calling

Outbound MarketingOutbound marketing is a technique where a business advertises to consumers who are not looking for the products or services that the business is offering. Outbound marketing is also known as “interruptive marketing” because of it’s interruptive nature. Outbound marketing can be thought of as annoying by some consumers but it does work for many businesses. A few examples of outbound marketing include television commercials, newspaper ads, advertisement in the mail, commercials on the radio, billboards, and more. Basically, outbound marketing consists of a business providing you with information about their products and services even though you are not looking for them or actively seeking it out. This marketing technique is most commonly used by larger businesses that already have had some success in their business.

inbound vs outbound marketing

While demand generation builds brand awareness to attract your target audience, lead generation focuses on converting a qualified lead into a paying customer. This is primarily where the inbound vs. outbound marketing debate stirs heat. As outbound messaging has a small-time to display the message, the messaging becomes broad and complex. This is because it must capture the attention of a wide and diverse audience in one go. This enables marketers to focus on a specific audience cohort and curate specific messages.

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing: Which One Should You Choose?

While it is a little dated, and maybe not appropriate for all audiences, outbound still has some validity. However, learning more about inbound vs outbound and your customer’s online habits through research and communication means putting your best foot forward. Start small by researching the keywords relevant to your industry, product, brand and audience.

It’s much more holistic in its methods, encouraging people to come to you rather than just pushing your company’s products and services. This is considered to be the new and better way to market many products, including in the B2B sector, as it aligns with the wants and needs of the digital customer. This type of marketing is a one-way conversation between the brand and the customer. It tends not to allow interaction, and is always focused on the product or service, rather than addressing specific pain points of customer segments. The audience reach is wide and the messaging tends to be broad in its nature.

Common terms thrown around in the marketing world are inbound and outbound marketing. Use your marketing content to develop and nurture relationships with your potential customers. Sophisticated account-based marketing is likely to have both inbound and outbound components to it. It’s essentially the top of the pyramid from a company sophistication standpoint.

A thorough market research of your niche and your target audience will provide you with the best guidance for setting a sound marketing strategy. Both approaches have their advantages, so this side by side comparison will help you understand whether you should go all in on inbound, stick with convention marketing methods, or take a blended approach. Before we compare the two marketing approaches, let’s do a quick recap of what techniques belong where. Aligning your content strategy with your sales funnel will help you craft relevant content based on where in the buyer’s journey your prospects are. Automated email marketing campaigns will enable you to send that content at the right time and with the right offers, turning lukewarm leads into hot prospects and reducing conversion time. With the smart email marketing tools available to marketers today, even outbound email campaigns can be segmented and hyper-targeted. This further closes the gap between inbound nurture campaigns and outbound email blasts, the main difference being that inbound campaigns benefit from opt-in email lists.

Outbound Vs Inbound Marketing: A Full Comparison

It requires several elements of inbound , along with a very sophisticated sales team that can patiently build relationships over a long period of time. See account-based marketing vs inbound marketing for more detail. We’ve seen it happen plenty of times, and are more than happy to talk to you about how to create an inbound marketing strategy for your business. Inbound marketing techniques are grounded in digital media, allowing you to have a conversation lead generation with customers, often in real time, when they want to know more about a product, event, or service.

You can easily use LeadBoxer’s Filter Feature to create successful segmented email campaigns. Inbound marketing has become more popular recently because it’s effective. It involves attracting and nurturing promising leads, using content to provide valuable information to customers, and in the process build trust with your clients.

Create educational, fun, or otherwise intriguing content that speaks directly to your target audience. Answer some questions they might have or share some knowledge for free—but show that you know your stuff.

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